CHP ビューティアップ 60粒 / CHP Beauty Up


商品の特徴 / Product Description
Extremely popular nano-type beauty ingredients (collagen, hyaluronic acid, and placenta) are highly concentrated in this supplement. The nano-type molecules are easy to absorb by our bodies to improve skin texture and it is highly effective in anti-aging.

ご飲用方法 / Instructions
In order to have the best results by taking this nutritional supplement, please take 2-4 capsules daily with a cup of water or lukewarm water.

主な配合成分 / Key Ingredients
●加水分解コラーゲン● / Hydrolyzed collagen
The most popular beauty ingredient right now is this nano type collagen. It is easy to absorb, and penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum of skin, giving moisturizing and softening effects as well as providing a layer of protection and natural shine on the skin.
●プラセンタエキス● / Placenta extract
Also the most popular among beauty ingredients is nano type horse placenta extract. Containing many kinds of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, it has great effects on moisturizing, improving metabolism, and in preventing the formation of melanin.
●ヒアルロン酸● / Hyaluronic acid
Another of the most popular beauty ingredients, nano type hyaluronic acid used in this supplement is a lot easier to absorb than regular type, which is common on the market. It gives skin long-lasting moisture, water-retention capability, and firmness.

※原料は日本製のみを配合しています。 / Only Japanese-made ingredients are used.

CHP ビューティアップ(栄養補助食品)